Innsbruck-The Gateway To The Alps


Somewhere between a modern Austrian town, and the wild Tyrollean Alps is a piece of heaven, Innsbruck Austria, the gateway to the Alps.

As the “municipal capital” of Tirol this city, (and its strategic proximity to the Brenner Pass) have been historically important (for this reason), and has been inhabited and well guarded since the Stone Age.

As you walk along its beautiful streets, its quaint and colorful architecture will inspire your curiosity and leave you happily winding in and out of Innsbruck’s authentic pubs and gift shops seeking memories and gifts to bring home with you.

Most of all, no matter where you might find yourself in Innsbruck, the beautiful Alpine mountain chain will dominate the skyline, and gently remind  you that when compared to nature even the grandest cities are insignificant in comparison.


10 Foods That You Should Never Go Camping Without:

cook out

Do you love spending time in the wilderness?

Whether you are camping, hiking, biking, or climbing, you will not make it far unless you have the right foods to fill your belly.

There are many books written about people that found themselves in some far off place and survived by hunting, fishing, and foraging. Hunting, fishing, and foraging (for wild fruits & vegetables) is a great way to do a little “grocery shopping” in the wild, but these techniques should only be depended on if you are an expert with enough experience to bet your life on.

So how can you carry enough food to last you for more than a week in the wilderness? (more…)

Scotland’s Malt Whiskey Trail; The Waters of Life


Scotch Whiskey is made from malted barley, grains, or a mixture of the two. Single malt, made from malted barley and water, comes from a single distillery and is unique because no two malts are alike. Peat, sometimes used in the kilning of the barely adds a distinctive smoky flavor. The wild Atlantic Ocean has definitely bestowed its salty influence on whiskey produced on Scottish islands (such as Skye and Islay).

Since the beginning of history (and possibly before that) the world’s best whiskey has flowed from Scottish distilleries.

While the origins of whiskey are shrouded in mystery, we know that Scotland has perfected and still produces the world’s best whiskey. (more…)

The 8 Best Places To Visit During Your Southern Hemisphere Summer Vacation

Do you live in the southern hemisphere?

If so then perhaps you have run into the dilemma of where to travel for your summer vacation (December-January).


Can United States Citizens Travel To Cuba?


To most of the world the world, Cuba brings to mind, Cuban cigars, Havana nightclubs, Rum and I Love Lucy’s costar, Ricky Ricardo.

If you are an American, you also associate this beautiful country with those very same things, yet have never made plans to visit this beautiful island. (more…)